Here is my UAS project: Virtuam


(Nota a los lectores de toda la vida: como estos posts son para la Ubuntu App Showdown, no me queda más remedio que redactarlos en inglés. Pido disculpas si lees esto y no tienes ni idea de lo que pone)

Virtuam is a new app for Ubuntu which I’m developing. It will be an extremely easy-to-use QEMU assistant with just one step: choosing the RAM size (obviously, it will contain another options in an “Advanced” tab 😛 ).

I’m developing the app without IDEs, just using Python and Glade/PyGTK. Why?! Why not use quickly, Anjuta or anything, instead of making things manually? Well, I have three reasons:

  1. I want to see what I’m able to do. I want to challenge myself to see if I can live without some fancy menus simplyfing the development.
  2. To make things funnier. Instead of typing quickly release, for example, I need to make a configure file, run dh-make, uploading… so, the contest is even funnier now for me! 😀
  3. Because there’s a serious bug in quickly which doesn’t allows me to do more things that quickly edit 😛 (you can find my bug report at Launchpad)

So… how looks my app? As I’m still designing the interface with Glade, it looks like this:

It’s, obviously, in an early stage… but at least, it’s easy to see how Virtuam will be.

As I said, Virtuam is an assistant for QEMU. Why QEMU? It’s totally libre, it’s simple and it works well. So, it fits well for the idea.

Oh, and for the judges: as you can see in Launchpad, Virtuam was registered on June 5, so, it was made before the contest’s announcement. Don’t worry! I had the idea before, but I started to develop Virtuam today. In conclusion: there are no infringements of the rules.

A bit more of info at Launchpad:


2 comentarios en “Here is my UAS project: Virtuam

  1. David

    Hola Francisco,

    Mirando tu aplicación, veo que utiliza PyGTK. Aunque funcional, PyGTK es una tecnología que se está convirtiendo en obsoleta en favor de Python y GTK3. Por eso te recomendaría utilizar GTK3 (PyGI/PyGObject Introspection) en su lugar.

    Aunque entiendo que quieras aprender, te recomendaría que utilizaras Quickly, ya que en 3 semanas de concurso te ayudará a no tenerte que preocupar con detalles cómo este o en crear paquetes, y te dejará más tiempo para desarrollar tu aplicación.

    Buena suerte!


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