Virtuam: It works!

In a record time of two days, I have ready a superpreliminary release of Virtuam. The new “features” are this:

  • It’s working! Obviously, it’s not ready for a 0.1 release, but it has some essential things done.
  • It detects if already exists a Virtuam HD file in the home folder. If true, it loads QEMU. If false, it loads the assistant.
  • Virtuam’s assistant can create a HD file using qemu-img… but wait, it only generales a 1GB file!. It’s, obviously, just a test…
  • Fixed a stupid design error: the mandatory option is HD size, not RAM size. The Virtuam’s RAM size will be obtain from real RAM size, but I’ll offer the option to change it.
  • Now Virtuam’s interface works with GTK3 instead of PyGTK (thanks to David Planella for the idea, ¡un saludo! 😉 )

Also, I’ve done a small video showing Virtuam in its actual state, enjoy it:

So… what do you think about the project? Please comment! 🙂

P. S.: Remember that you can send bugs at Launchpad!



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