Virtuam: 0.1 is coming soon…


So, Virtuam it’s finally a real app! Well… not really, but it works and does almost what it needs to do:

Create and run a virtual machine

  Offer options for customize it

Be able to install an OS ( 😛 )

So, this is the last day of the 1st week… not bad! 🙂

Also, I would like to show you what I’ve done since my last post. New features added from commit 3 to commit 7 in Virtuam’s trunk are:

  • It detects your HD and RAM’s size, and selects a default option for them.
  • Now window closes after pressing the “Apply” button! 😀
  • Fixed another small bugs, done small improvements in the source code.

Yep… I’ve done “lots” of things! It may seem a few features… but I had to partially rewrite my app! Now I “just” need to do five things for finally release the 0.1 version, which are:

  1. Setting up the combo boxes and its parameters.
  2. To offer a CD boot option for the first boot (if, for example, the installation CD is an ISO file) (maybe for the 0.2 release… 😛 )
  3. To make a settings file (and, obviously, the ~/.virtuam folder)
  4. A .desktop file for the Unity Dash and the GNOME main menu.
  5. To learn how to package a Python app (dh_make is too complex… 😦 )

As most of things listed before can be done easily, I think that the 1st packaged release will be available (after a test with a Lubuntu VM) for download at Launchpad and in this blog. So, stay tuned! 🙂

P. S.: If you have Bazaar installed, you can install Virtuam with this command: bzr branch lp:virtuam/trunk [folder that you want]

Hope you enjoy it! 😀


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