Virtuam: 0.1 release is finally done!!!


After this three strange weeks, trying to make ComboBoxes working, to compile a .deb package and meanwhile doing another (not funny) things, I’ve just uploaded Virtuam 0.1 to my PPA. Now this things are working:

✔ Create and run a virtual machine

Offer options for customize it

✔ Be able to install an OS

No new improvements were done in the last two weeks. You will ask… why?! Were you sleeping all the time, watching TV or something which is not developing?

Yep… I watched TV, I played Minecraft, I did a walk… oh, and I ate and slept 😛

But most of time I invested it in develop Virtuam. Then, what I’ve done all this time? One word: packaging.

I invested the last two weeks packaging my app… I know that David Planella had adviced me, saying that I had to develop my app using Quickly, but there was a bug related with quickly release that disallowed me to release it (oh, I rememeber that today I found the problem which causes the bug… after doing this post, I’m going to enter in Launchpad 😛 ). So, I started my app manually, from scratch.

After one “sweet” week developing my app, it was time to send it to my PPA and to the App Showdown. I found so many problems, that I wasted a week and a half of another week just doing questions in Ask Ubuntu or googling, even, how to totally create a .deb package from scratch. Here are all my posts related to packaging in Debian:

Have you seen that most of questions are related with Quickly? Yep, I’ve ported my project to the super-wrapper full of bugs called as an adjective! 😛

Four days ago, I was TIRED of so many problems related with packaging. So, I installed Quickly, created a project and started to copy&paste my files.

After more and more problems, and just a day before the last day of the contest, I decided to create the project from scratch, this time using Quickly. And in just two hours, the app was almost finished. Today, I’ve done some small changes to the project, and, finally, Virtuam 0.1 was sent to my PPA.

I know that probably I’m not going to win… but at least, I’m sure that somebody is going to use my software… and that’s what I really wanted to do, to share my apps to the world. 🙂

And about the future of the app… don’t worry, as is not finished, I’ll still develop it, at least, until I release 1.0. If you want, you can collaborate with the project, as the App Showdown is (now, this post was modified) finished.

If you want to install it, just do one of this two things:

  1. Thru my PPA: ppa:espectalll123/ppa
  2. Downloading my .deb package at Launchpad (a .deb! :O )

To install a VM, follow this steps:

  1. Install Virtuam (obviously 😛 )
  2. Obtain a CD or DVD containing the OS installation. Load it in your PC.
  3. Launch the assistant. Select the HD size that you want for the OS. If you want, you can also select the RAM size (don’t worry if you select the biggest option), and the processor type.
  4. Press Apply. Now install the OS as it would be a common PC. Don’t worry about formatting all the OS, you’re going to format a file, not your real HD! 😛

To start your PC, just open Virtuam and wait 😉

If you want to remove a VM, type in a terminal rm ~/.virtuam_settings ~/Virtuam

Thanks for reading the entire post! 😛

P. S.: I forget to add the Launchpad link, which is



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